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Fortune Set


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Fortune set (RM268 per person)

24 hours advance order is required

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Sunday and Monday, 12 noon to 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 9.30 p.m.

鱼跃龙门 双鱼齐捞生
Yee Sang with Norwegian salmon and white bait fish
鹏程万里 海参淮山四宝汤
Double boiled four treasure chicken soup with Chinese yam and sea cucumber
金鸡报喜 烧鸡拼咸蛋炸鱼皮
Roasted chicken and crispy fish skin coated with salted egg yolk
大吉大利 脆鱼皮软壳蟹捞生
Yee Sang with crispy softs shell crab and crispy fish skin
如意吉祥 虫草花干贝鲍鱼仔炖鸡汤
Double boiled chicken soup with baby abalone, dried scallop and cordyceps flower
年庆有余 松菇云耳蒸龙虎斑件
Steamed tiger grouper with shimeji mushroom & black fungus with superior soy sauce
凤凰报喜 虾饼童子鸡
Roasted spring chicken with prawn crackers
嘻哈大笑 辣汁虾球拼花包
Wok fried spicy prawns with chili paste served with Chinese twisted rolls
一本万利 沙井蚝冬菇豆根扒时蔬
Braised sun dried oyster, black mushroom with bean puff and garden greens
粒粒黄金 腊味荷叶饭
Fragrant fried rice with wax meat in lotus leaf
阖家平安 椰丝蒸年糕
Steamed Chinese New Year ‘nian gao’ coated with shredded coconut
青春美丽 雪燕雪梨炖雪耳
Double boiled gum tragacanth and snow pear with white fungus
Premium Chinese tea